A downloadable game for Windows

Pixelpunk 2063 is a free shoot'em-up video game with 6 graphical styles:

32-bit, 16-bit, 8-bit, 4-bit, 2-bit and 1-bit!

You're a pixel-bender trapped in a research facility, and you just escaped the police with an improvised airship, but careful, they're not the only ones after your powers!

  • Inspired by the 6 generations of pixel art, graphics and sound go further back to the past every time you get hit
  • A unique combination of gameplay mechanics, merging shmup and pinball: don't shoot, reflect!
  • Break screens and skyscrapers to gain bits (thus lives) back
  • An epic 3D boss fight!
  • 6 difficulties: less starting bits means less lives, but also more points
  • So try to get the highest score!

Tip: you can press "O" to become invincible activating "Demo Mode", no high score though!


Game by Andrea Rosini

Music by Artem Gulyaev

Supervised by: Sebastian Stamm and Matej Jan


Pixelpunk 2063 81 MB
Pixelpunk 2063 Documentation 20 MB
Classification of Pixel Art 19 MB