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Most typing games are boring and usually are just reskins of the same ideas. Not this one: in this game you don't write words one after the other, you write letters, and if that letter is shared by words on the screen, you make them explode!
Speedrun this game! (Also learn proper British spelling I guess...)

Credits: Andrea Rosini

LHS - RLD Installer #10 is licensed under the Mod Archive Distribution license

UPDATE 07/06/2021! With Bawordetsu_open you can now change the words appearing on screen! Open AR_GAW_03_DatawordListClass .json with any text editor and create new levels!

Update 25/06/2021! With Bawordetsu_LE_Edition you can now have as many levels as you want! And not only change words, mind you, but changing speed, lives and winning conditions! The new sequential game mode allows you to add linear levels rather than randomly generating words, you'll win after writing them all! Why read a page of a book when you can speedrun its explosion?


Bawordetsu_GAW3.zip 20 MB
Bawordetsu_Open.zip 20 MB
Bawordetsu_LE_Edition.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

To change/add levels open Bawordetsu_Data/Levels/ and edit the .json files with any text editor

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