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Ever heard your parents/grandparents complain that you wouldn't be able to use technology obsolete since the 70s?
Well, now you gotta fix their pc because they weren't born with this stuff.
The viruses are quite exotic, they somehow turned your OS into a platformer!
Use A and D to move left and right, SPACE to jump, drag your mouse while holding left click to create temporary platforms, and release to make them disappear!
Get your character on a Pop-Up and click on X, once standing near the correct "x" of the ad, to make it disappear, but careful to catch the protagonist before it falls!
Finally, return to the Start button once you finished cleaning and restart the PC!

Made with Matteo Barison

Music by Geronimusica

Winner of Best game of the Global Game Jam 2020 - Milan



MS-DOSN'T.zip 21 MB


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